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Could your most challenging moments
in life be an opportunity for your
greatest triumph yet?

As a celebrated best-selling Christian author for his contribution in an anthology,
transformational expository speaker and exhorter, leadership development coach, evangelism coach, and a change-maker, Terry L. Richardson enthusiastically inspires hearts and minds around the world. With an unparalleled ability to make the complicated simple, Terry meets people where they are in life and empowers them to change the world around them. His passion is in helping others gain a sense of balance and vision needed to bring about self-transformation. Terry’s uncanny gift of exhortation affords him the ability to inspire a wide range of individuals and audiences alike. With over 25 years of leadership experience, Terry has mastered techniques and values needed for personal and professional growth. He relies on sound biblical and business principles to connect and reconnect others with their business and personal plans and goals.

Terry serves as Lead Pastor of First Baptist Church, a large ministry in South Orange, NJ and an Adjunct Professor in World Religion. His charisma connects across ethnic, political, and religious lines and serves as a requisite to genuine relationship to help people extend beyond their limitations without compromising the authenticity of themselves.

He is a graduate of Temple University with an earned degree in Business Administration. He holds both a Master and Doctorate degree from New Brunswick Theological Seminary, a Certification of Achievement in African American Church Evangelism Institute Cohort through the Billy Graham Center, Wheaton College, and Certification of Leadership Development from Sam Chand Leadership Institute. Terry has received multiple awards for his leadership capabilities from and number national prestigious organizations.

Exhorting and inspiring others is at the heart of Terry himself. However, nothing is as more precious to him as those who do life with him daily, the former NaDeen Bridgeforth and their children, Shannon, Deven, Kayla, Jeremiah, and Tayla, and three grandchildren, Lathan, Lark, and Arie Sky.

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